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  • The Role of Play in Child-Father Attachment


    The following is an abstract of the uniqueness of the child-father attachment relationship: Father’s sensitive and challenging play as a pivotal variable in a 16-year longitudinal study. Social Development, 11(3), 307-331 by Grossmann, K., Grossmann, K. E., Fremmer-Bombik, E., Kindler, H…. Read More ›

  • Smacks of Authority


    Guess what? I hit my kids when they’re naughty. But I also make sure I hear them out first and let them know they will always have my love IT WAS many years ago, but it is an incident which… Read More ›

  • What Fatherhood Means to Men


    Active Fatherhood Benefits Fathers Themselves Research shows that fathers gain richly from being more involved in their children’s lives. Involved fathers are more likely to: Enjoy closer, richer and more satisfying father-child relationships  Feel more self-confident and effective as parents ;… Read More ›

  • Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids


    Introduction A growing body of multidisciplinary research is considering how fathers’ health consciousness, practices, and outcomes relate to their children’s quality of health and care. One implication from this research is in understanding and accounting for how fathers make decisions… Read More ›

  • That’s My Girl


    While I have no favourites among my three children, I can’t help feeling my daughter’s tops when it comes to showing affection for me Once, my daughter Natasha brought home some of her latest test papers. Seeing how my daughter… Read More ›

  • Hakim and His Hi-Five!

    Hakim now with his five kids

    We live in times where local couples are very careful in considering whether they should have one or two children. Having three seems to be a brave act. There are even cases where childbirth is consciously avoided, just a lifelong… Read More ›

  • Involve Your Family in Worthy Causes

    ages & stages tree

    If charity should begin at home, surely dads can play a part in planting the spirit of volunteerism among their kids. For families, there are a surprising number of ways to get out there and volunteer with your children in… Read More ›

  • Tell Me What I Don’t Want to Hear


    It took a broken glass panel to make me realise I should be grateful when kids admit their mistakes ONCE, I got a call from my 16-year-old son as I was driving home. ‘Dad,’ he said, ‘I broke one of… Read More ›


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