Blue Tack – Technology for Play

The humble Blu Tack makes its regular appearance in virtually every aspect of our lives; from our offices, to our homes and almost every school. It makes posters, notices and drawings defy gravity on vertical surfaces. We don’t think too much about it even though we use it regularly.

Lately, my kids and I have been toying around with it. It all happened when I was back in the office with my family. I felt compelled to keep my kids occupied but all I could find was some used Blu Tack. Who would have guessed that they would enjoy themselves so much?

Like all poster putty, Blu-Tack provides an alternative to the artist’s traditional kneaded eraser, having a superior grip and plasticity. Blu-Tack is also used for sculpture. In 2007 artist Elizabeth Thompson created a 200 kilogram sculpture of a house spider using Blu-Tack over a wire frame. It took around 4000 packs and was exhibited at London Zoo.


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