Dads Takes the Family – Kidz Amaze

From spirals, steps, to the longest slide in Asia, I’ve never found myself panting so hard after three intense hour of running up and down, racing after my kids across the entire padded and comfortable platform. You know something? When I couldn’t climb, crawl or anymore, I sat down beside my wife, with my muscles aching and sore, but enjoying being a kid once again.

Some tips if you want to have maximum fun. First, remember to wear socks before you enter the playground because this is the rule. Don’t forget that! Secondly, it’s better to wear long pants and long sleeves so as to protect yourself from skin abrasions, either from crawling, sliding or tumbling down the steps. Thirdly, if you do plan to leave your child unattended while you relax at one corner to read, there are limited seats both on the outside and inside. For a small fee to accompany your child, I see no reason not to join them in being amazed!

Kidz Amaze
333 Boon Lay Way SAFRA Jurong,
Price: Non-members pay $15/entry. As a SAFRA member, we paid $23+ for a family package of 2 adults and 2 children. Adding one more child fee at $10+, our total visit for the 5 of us was $33+.

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