Tampines 1 Rooftop Water Playground

I kicked myself for missing the launch of Singapore’s first wet-and-dry wildlife-themed rooftop playground at Tampines 1 mid-March this year. Then again, I was wearing my green uniform and ‘re-serving’ my nation.

A month passed and I almost forgot about this until I visited Tampines 1 on Good Friday. First impressions of the playground? Bright and colorful with age appropriate mini-playgrounds. You can expect to learn a bit more about the amazing animals which live in the Safari. The message is clear – preserve our earth’s eco-system and inhabitants. We didn’t bring any swimming apparel but that did not stop my kids getting ready to be soaked. When we lived in kampongs, who cared if we were soaked in mud? Here, you’ll find reminders in the playground to keep yourself dry so you won’t catch a chill. How thoughtful!

Wildlife-themed Rooftop Water Playground

10 Tampines Central 1
Level 5 (Roof Top), Tampines 1
Singapore 529536
Tel: 6572 5500
Fax: 6572 5525


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