Get Active – Go Green

National Parks (NParks), and the Nature Society, are established green champions in Singapore.

For dads and kids, NParks is a great resource for green activities, events and ideas for you to easily get involved. Check out their website, which has regular updates. Their events calendar is full of the latest nature-related exhibitions, family walks and kids’ programmes. They even have a dedicated educational section complete with learning journeys in our parks, gardens and farms, as well as practical worksheets to guide you on how to make the most of your time.

You and family can also take part in Nparks’ Community-In-Bloom Programme. This Programme has encouraged and supported many gardening groups in Singapore. There are now some 300 active groups all over our island. Join a gardening group near where you live or start one in your community. It will be a good bonding experience for your family and your neighbours even as you teach your children the importance of hard work and being able to protect the wonders of nature.

If you or your children have niche interests such as marine conservation or bird watching, browse through Nature Society’s website and their page on useful links. Be an activist and teach your children how to be involved and encourage other people to take good care of our environment.

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