Second Hand, Not Second Rate

A family that recycles together stays together. During your annual spring-cleaning or other massive de-cluttering exercises, you can get your children to help you sort as you place them into categories for disposal, recycling bins or even get a second lease of life in the second-hand market.

Why throw away a toy or electrical appliance that is still in good condition? You can either sell them to second-hand shops like Cash Converters or through online sites like eBay, or simply give them away. Donate them to thrift shops like Salvation Army’s. In fact, you can also leave them in bags beside the Bulk Collection area at the ground level of HDB blocks, especially around three-room flats and below. Someone in need is likely to find a use for them.

If you are game, you can set up a stall at flea markets and have a garage sale. Some community centres also organise such bazaars and you can rent a stall very cheaply. This can be a fun and social family project. Hone the selling skills of your children at the same time!

Conversely, when you need something for yourself or your family, why not shop in these second-hand shops or flea markets?

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