Bonding over a meal at Jack’s Place Marina Square

Ever had a hard time looking for a family-friendly restaurant where everybody can be happy bonding over a meal?

Homegrown restaurant chain Jack’s Place at Marina Square fits the bill.

This restaurant allows for flexible table arrangements that can accommodate many families gathering for a meal. Moreover, those who prefer more privacy can book a private room.

Its kid’s menu has been well-received –by dads, mums and the children. So rest assured that there will not be whines while the family dines.

Thinking of a birthday celebration for junior? Fret not – the service crew is trained to handle this.

As for the grown-ups, it does not matter whether one is a meat-lover, a vegetarian or somewhere in between. Jack’s Place offers something for all – salad, spaghetti, pizza, steak, seafood, dessert, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, and the list goes on.

Child-friendly seats for toddlers and suitable cutlery, are provided; whilst attending waiters and waitresses have been briefed to remove unused steak knives from the table.

The fuss-free ambience is conducive for reconnecting with family members.

So, bond over a meal with loved ones here. It is meaningful.

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: 6338 8292
Operating Hours: Daily 11am – 10:30pm


Categories: Eateries

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