Don’t Forget The _ _ _ _ _ _!

Are you a bathroom singing champion or the ultimate karaoke fanatic? Here’s the perfect activity for you and your kids: the home-made, family version of the hit game-show, ‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics!’

It’s competitive, music-based, really easy to play, requires minimal preparation and suitable for young and old alike.

If you have a karaoke system in your living room, simply convert it into a “game-show arena” and get your children and family members to converge around the karaoke set.

Employ a contest format (as individuals or in teams) and get each player / participating team to take turns to choose a song (try not to repeat songs).

Everyone can sing along, but the opposing team / player can pause the music at any time during the song and the player / team having his turn must then sing the next line.

Points will be awarded for singing all the lyrics correctly.

If you do not have a karaoke system, fret not. Lyrics can easily be found online, and you can still play the game by singing along to your favourite pop songs through your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or a trusty old CD player.

For more challenging sessions, use songs from different eras, in other languages and different genres (e.g. pop songs, movie tracks, hip-hop dance tunes, Korean Pop, etc.)

You can have hours of wholesome, engaging, family fun that will get everybody hooked from the start and remembering what a good time you all had together. In time, you’ll even come up with your own versions, perhaps inventing your own lyrics as you sing along. Imagine the fun and laughter you’ll have together!


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