Family Friendly – MacDonald’s at Kallang

Conveniently and centrally located at Stadium Boulevard, McDonald’s Kallang, is a popular haunt for parents who enjoy seeing their children being, well, children. In fact, squeals of delight and uninhibited guffaws are de rigueur.

An area for children to play freely? Check.

Wide aisles for parents with babies in prams? Check.

Chairs for children? Check.

Food for junior? Check.

In terms of food, children and their parents can choose from the wide range. Happy Meals are so named as they are designed to make everyone (yes, adults included) happy.

Wholesome snacks include Corn Cup, Apple Slices, yoghurt and milk. For a hearty and balanced meal, ask for an extra serving of veggies in your sandwich – at no extra charge!

Party room? Check.

Gifts for birthday boy or girl? Check.

You even get the first half-hour of parking free.

Here’s a place where you can organise birthday parties for the kids. What’s more, the little ones can play games in the room!

McDonald’s Kallang is a family restaurant dedicated to giving all and sundry a fun and engaging experience. A cool hideaway from the hot afternoon sun.

200 Stadium Blvd, S(397726)
Tel: 64406010
Open 24 hours


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