Making Music with DAD (literally!) – Part I

Bored kids moping around at home with nothing to do these holidays? Try making your own music together! It is just more fun (not to mention cheaper) when you make your own musical instruments too!

Follow these steps to make an array of instruments from basic household items and do your part to recycle at the same time.

Seal up a cardboard box and cut a hole in the middle on the largest side of the box. Securely tape a pencil horizontally across above the hole and another pencil horizontally across below the hole (this serves to elevate the elastic bands to leave a gap between the bands and the box later on). Stretch four or five rubber bands of various thicknesses around the box so that they lay nicely over the holes. Decorate with wrapping paper.

Bongo Drums
Cut up shower caps or plastic bags into round shapes and tape them over little plastic pails or small dustbin receptacles. Decorate as inspired.

Help your children carefully cut six small holes at regular intervals on a big straw (the kind you use for bubble tea). Seal up one end with masking tape or plastercine / play-doh. For safety, trim the pointed end of the straw to ensure no sharp edges.

Put small amounts of uncooked rice or green beans into empty plastic water bottles. Decorate with ribbons and shake by holding them at the neck.

And voila … make a joyful noise. Capture it on your mobile! PS: Please share it with us on Dads for Life Facebook.


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