Making Music with DAD – Part II

Making musical instruments from basic household items can help your kid think “out of the box”. So try your hand at these and whistle whilst you work! Enjoy!

Collect 10 identical, empty glass bottles. Fill the bottles with progressively higher water levels. Use watercolour paint to colour the water and make the bottles look beautiful. Line them up. With a teaspoon, gently tap at the bottles to produce different sounds.

Put two paper plates together face to face. Staple six to eight short ribbons (about 5cm long) around the rim of the plates so that the two plates and ribbons are all secured together. Tie little bells onto the plates with the ribbons. Paint your tambourine.

Rain Stick
(Adult supervision required)
You will need a long cardboard tube from a roll of gift wrap or a shorter paper towel core, a hand full of rice, masking tape, nails (optional) and aluminum foil.**

Cover one end of your cardboard tube with a circular card and secure it with masking tape. Add the beans. Crumple a long “rope” of aluminum foil and insert it into the tube. Dad then can randomly insert a few nails into the side of the tube if he likes. Cover the other end of the cardboard tube with a circular card and secure it with masking tape also. Have fun with magic markers in decorating the tube.

When you have finished, hold the Rain Pipe up vertically and slowly tip it over.

Smile as you listen to the sound of the falling rain.

FN:** The length of the tube, quantity of rice and use of nails will vary the kind of sound made.


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