Tantalising I Theatre

I Theatre tantalizes with The Arabian Nights and gives a twist to the story of Cinderella in Asputtel.

Wizard of Oz and The Little Red Hen are stories that you probably grew up with. And, it’s classics like these that you’ll get from I Theatre, a family focused theatre company for Singapore and the region. Other productions include Rainbow Fish, You Are Special, Duck and Dive. Therefore, visit the website and go to the “Upcoming” tab for the latest play coming your way.

From 1 to 18 September 2012, I Theatre will present The Arabian Nights, directed by Brian Seward. Featuring music by Bang Wenfu, The Arabian Nights will take you and the kids on a breathtaking and exhilarating magical carpet ride; using a wild and wonderful mixture of live action physical theatre, puppetry and music. Catch your “ride” at The Singapore Airlines Theatre, Laselle College of the Arts.

When the school holidays arrive, you’ll be looking for something to keep the children occupied. So, check out I Theatre’s programmes during these times each year. From 25 October to 17 November 2012, you can catch Asputtel which I Theatre has taken and turned it into a brand new musical. Playing at The Alliance Francaise Theatre.

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