Motorsport Madness at the Singapore Grand Prix

Immerse yourselves with motorsport madness at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Scheduled to happen from September 21 to 23, the fifth edition of the Singapore Grand Prix is one of the biggest and most exciting races on the Formula One racing calendar.

Take the opportunity to bring your child out for a weekend outing to remember and watch world’s most advanced racing cars zip along the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The roar of the cars’ V8 engines hitting speeds in excess of 300 kilometres per hour should stimulate the senses for both fathers and children.

Just being there and soaking up the atmosphere is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that will have the whole family dizzy with excitement.

But there isn’t just cars and first-rate motor racing on display because this year’s Formula One programme also includes concert performances by renowned celebrities like Maroon 5, Jay Chou and Katy Perry among a host of many others.

So regardless of age, this year’s Singapore Grand Prix will have something to suit any taste your child may have; perfect for both younger and older children.

Tickets are available online through SISTIC. Book now before tickets sell out. Your children will definitely appreciate the experience.

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