Games to Relieve Exam Stress – The Caterpillar Walk

Are you feeling the exams heat? Help your family relax and share a good laugh together with games.

Try this one.

To play this game, you’ll need:

  1. A wide open space.
  2. Strips of elastic cloth/linen for tying two ankles together.
  3. Three or more participants.


  1. The group must travel from the starting point to the ending point without having their ankles separated.
  2. If the ankles separate, they must return to the starting point and try again.


The goal of this game is for the participants to travel sideways in the quickest possible time with their ankles tied together. Good planning and communication are the keys to determine which ankle to use to take one step forward at a time! Your kids will find this challenging indeed. Be sure you’ve got your videocam out to catch the action. (Please send it to us at Dads for life. Post it on our Facebook wall. We’ll arrange for a mystery gift to be sent to if you do!)

If you have a larger group, you can try a variation of this game by having the teams race forward to the finish line.


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  1. this is an awesome site! let’s see all the creative juices in our men get stirred and served! thanks !

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