Desaru Fruit Farm, Johor

This award-winning farm is free of mosquitoes,  full of fruits and has a petting zoo to boot!

Take a bullock cart ride to a garden where fruits are grown, lest your children think these goodies come from supermarket shelves. A trip to the Desaru Fruit Farm is a must for every town mouse!

There are few mosquitos here, if any at all as fallen fruits are cleared before they catch the attention of bugs. A good drainage system ensures that pesky insects can’t find suitable breeding ground.

Unsurprisingly, Desaru Fruit Farm won an award for being one of the best Agrotourist destinations in town.

Before you leave, take a deep bite into the sweet and refreshing fruits picked from the trees. You’ll get a taste of local favourites – chiku, rambutan, pulasan, kedondong, and more.


  1. Package A: Fruit Packet (includes a fruit packet of 10 – 12 slices) RM20/adult, RM15/child
  2. Package B: Deluxe Tropical Fruit Fiesta (includes tropical fruits, chicken curry and fried bee hoon) RM35/adult, RM28 /child
  3. Package C: Outdoor Lunch & Fruit Fiesta RM45/adult, RM38/child
  4. Package D: Durian Breakaway(seasonal, includes unlimited durian and other tropical fruits and lunch) RM65/adult, RM55/child

You’ll also get to explore a mini petting zoo with goats, ostriches, peacocks, turkeys and wild fowls, an angling pond (bring your rod and line), and a bee apiary.

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