Lotus Desaru, Johor

Check-in to Lotus Desaru for the weekend and you’re likely to see some familiar faces. This resort with apartment-style accommodation is popular among Singaporean families especially during the school holidays.

Children will delight in the resort’s grand water park with features like the Giant Coconut Fall, Lazy River, Aqua Play, Stone Bridge, Tipping Coconut with Kiddy Slide, Poolside Grotto, and Relaxation Gazebos.

The Tipping Coconut is probably the most popular part of the pool side action, always full of eager children tapping their feet impatiently as it fills heavily with water till it tips over and splashes onto them!

Take a 35km drive to Sungai Rengit, a bustling fishing village that’s also known as Lobster Village for good reason. Cheap seafood is abundant here. The popular Jade Garden Seafood Restaurant serves unforgettable signature “Jade Special Lobster”. Yums!

At night, arm yourself with a torchlight and take your children for a stroll along the seashore. You’ll get to see little crabs scrambling to burrow themselves into the sand as the light from your torch uncover their hideouts.

Prices for 3D/2N including breakfasts

  • 1 bedroom suite: RM720
  • 2 bedroom suite: RM1390
  • 3 bedroom suite: Rm2110
  • 4 bedroom suite: RM2780

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