Build and Race a Model Car!

Take racing into your own hands and build your very own scale-model race car with your child.

Arm yourself with the instruction manual and together with your child; assemble the various components that are traditionally found in cars. Guide each other along as the instructions dictate how and where parts like the suspension, wheels and engine get mounted onto the chassis. Building your own car also means that the car’s body can have a unique and customizable designs!

Building model cars is an opportunity to develop the virtues of patience and communication. It’s also a great way to introduce the finer points of mechanics and electronics through a hands-on approach.

Some model kits even come with radio controls which add an extra dimension of fun because both dad and child can take turns piloting it around—at home or even on ‘track’.

Take advantage of the facilities which hobby clubs like the Marine Parade Community Centre’s Radio Control Modellers’ Club have. In this case, the club operates a track along East Coast Park service road where you can test or even race the car together with your child.

Vroooooooommmmm …..!


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