Go Karting!

Feel the exhilaration of driving a speeding car down on track at the Kartright Speedway in Jurong.

Go Karting may be considered a motorsport, but unlike driving, it’s done in a controlled environment—the track. No driving licenses are required for this activity that is a great opportunity for a dad to connect with his kids while enjoying some thrills of speeding down a track.

Engaging in a few rounds of karting round the circuit gives dad the opportunity to guide his child through the basics of driving: when to accelerate, when to brake, and how to take the best line through the turns.

It also provides opportunity to build a shared experience doing something unusual and highly exciting. A little friendly competition never fails to add some spice to the outing.

Through this activity, dads will have to opportunity to get to know his children better by observing their reactions to situations and this fresh experience will be able to provide new perspectives towards forging stronger bonds. It’s also the perfect opportunity to share driving tips for your older children.

The taste of driving down a long straight at speed before sharp braking will make for a sensation which both father and child will delight in and will build the foundation for trust and the association of fun, with dad.

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