Take Your Kids on a Heritage Walk in Kampong Gelam

Here, is a unique experience for adults and kids alike. You will not need a magic carpet ride to encounter Singapore’s amazing Arab heritage, right in the heart of the city!

Kampong Glam has Arabic craft shops, wicker baskets, Malay clothing and fabric outlets with names like “Alladdin’s World of Silk” lining the streets. There are the most amazing bistros, Indie boutiques, and avant-garde fashion shops along Haji Lane, as well as the yummiest Malay makans and cafes tucked away in various side street corners all over the place!

Kampong Glam means “The Village of Gelam Trees” in Malay, because of the Gelam Tree that used to grow abundantly in the area. Before the shores around Beach Road were reclaimed and turned into land, Kampong Glam was by the Singapore Harbour, frequented by Bugis sailors who used the bark of the Gelam Tree to seal boats.

The most iconic building in Kampong Glam is probably the Sultan Mosque or Masjid Sultan at Bussorah Street, originally built by Malay royalty in 1824.

Take the family there. Late morning is best. Your kids will be enthralled by its sights, sounds and delicious wafting smell of local food in the air.


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