Picnic at the Tembusu

There are perfect picnic spots all over the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Some spots are just a little more perfect than others like the Tembusu ‘gym’ on Lawn E or the cathedral of trees at Palm Valley.

Yes, that’s the iconic Tembusu tree found on the back of Singapore’s green five-dollar note.

Help your kids up the tree. Generations of children and adults have made their way up its branches. Remember your camera. You will have many fantastic photo opportunities for the family album.

After tree-climbing, head on to the various ponds, to feed the fish, tortoise and swans. Have a talk with your children about the animals there, what each like to eat, which ones are the herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Ask them about their favourite foods and suggest foods that can make them strong and healthy.

Another great spot for a picnic is the Palm Valley . For one, it’s near toilets, making it easy for everyone young and old. It’s also not too far a walk to the ice-cream shop that’s popular with children and grown-ups alike. No matter what one thinks about giving kids sweet stuff, they will usually remember for their rest of their lives the time they had ice-cream in the park with you.


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