Adventure Fun at Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Park in the “far east” of Singapore is a place for “far-out” family fun. Having a picnic here means never having to worry how to keep the children entertained. All we have to do is to feed them, set them off and have fun with them, of course.

Be with your children and cheer them on as they try out giant space nets and Cableways in The Adventure Playground, one of the largest outdoor play areas in Singapore. There are large sand pits and thematic innovative play stations, as well. Watch your children grow in confidence with each step they take.

For action that is a little more subdued, take a walk in the Mangrove Forest. Follow the storyboards installed along the board walk. Read about the characteristics of the mangrove plants and animals along the walk.

Go prepared with activity sheets created by St Gabriel’s Secondary School and create a “top of the world” impression with your children by climbing the three-storey Bird Watching Tower together.

Pasir Ris Park is also an excellent picnic spot for Dads and teens looking to pick up a new sport they can enjoy together. There is in-line skating, energy -sailing, canoeing and even jet-skiing to enjoy.


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