Bumboat to a Picnic

Take a bumboat from Changi Ferry Point, and have a rustic picnic on Pulau Ubin in 10 minutes. Enjoy the seawater sprays with your children during the ride.

Most people think of cycling and eco-conservation at the mention of the name Ubin, but few know that it offers unique spots for having a meal in the midst of nature. The island’s beaches are natural choices. Just be careful not to eat or carry food as we walk along the roads as there are other families, of monkeys, looking for food too.

Go back in time to 1960s Singapore island life, and take in the kampung atmosphere drinking from coconuts by the wayside. Going to Ubin for a picnic is about allowing the family to experience an alternative to urban living, at a slower pace – even if it is only for a few hours.

Ease into the mood of the place and encourage your child to do so too by putting aside all electronic devices.

For some, this will be a time of discovering together with your children, a side of Singapore which neither have experienced. For others, it will be a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

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