Picnic on the Green Roof

Marina Barrage is as much about water as it is about the sky. It is also about gathering over food with family and friends on the grass. Try a picnic on the iconic Green Roof and take some kites along!

Kiteflying is one of the most popular activities here. Test your co-operation and coordination skills and discover that sense of satisfaction when your kite goes airborne!

Prepare for the picnic by checking up on DIY/Drawing Kites for children at Passion Kites. Work on the kites with your kids, use markers and crayons to create colorful, unique designs for each one. Write messages to one another on the kites.

For families looking for a night outing, do consider a twilight picnic on the Green Roof instead. You will catch a different view of the kites surfing high in the twinkling sky.

Don’t forget to affirm your kids marvellous works of art after the outing! Kites do make for interesting decorative pieces in your children’s room to remember that wonderful picnic by the Barrage.

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