Forest Aerial Adventure

Celebrate your child’s fascination with jungle stories or your love for the nature at Forest Adventure, an aerial course nestled within 1.5 hectares of the breathtaking natural foliage at the Bedok Reservoir.

As you make your way through big strong trees of the Grand Course—a labyrinth of 34 fun obstacles such as ladders, bridges, swings, nets, trapezes and slides—together with your child, observe and admire the surrounding greenery of the lush reservoir from a bird’s eye view.

Besides taking in the breathtaking green sights, family adventurers get to push their personal limits in a safe environment and enjoy the adrenaline rush as they ride an exhilarating 12m Tarzan swing or glide down a 200m zipline—just two of the many notable challenges that are part of the tremendous adventure.

After 2.5 hours of monkeying around with your child, you will surely have loads to talk—or boast—about over dinner. But before that, don’t forget, upon completion the circuit, declare your joy as you give a loud Tarzan yell of success!

Forest Adventure
Bedok Reservoir Park, along Bedok Reservoir Road (Nearest parking place: Carpark A)
Prices: $150 for a family package of two adults and two juniors under 18 years old
To note: Minimum age requirement of six years and above, height requirement of 1.4m as well as a maximum weight of 90kg. Also, for each child under the age of 14, there has to be one accompanying adult for this particular course.

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