The Rock School

Buddy up with your child to attend climbing college at The Rock School and reach greater heights together!

Named Double Up, the school’s parent-child rock climbing programme consists of both bouldering (low-height climbing), as well as top-rope highwall climbing.

Friendly and experienced instructors will be your personal guides, and there will also be climbing-related games that emphasize parent-child cooperation and communication during the two-hour long session.

Besides giving both of you a total body workout, rock climbing is a fun and challenging activity that requires you to develop teamwork, focus, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

The feat of overcoming gravity and conquering the peak gives you the opportunity to help each other build confidence in yourselves and in each other. The activity also ensures that you have to engage one another with constant feedback, and takes your communication to the next level!

Other than a minimum age of four years and above, there are no height or weight requirements and the parent-child workshop is suitable even for beginners.

Once you and your child get the hang of it, you may bring your child to climb at their own time—as a healthy weekend sport-cum-bonding activity.

The Rock School
Bedok Community Centre, #01-06, 850 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467352
Prices: $58 per pair (20% off for Passion Card holders)
To note: Minimum age requirement of four years and above


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