Segway Hub and Eco Adventure

Experience the sun-kissed beaches of Sentosa in a novel, effortless way by going on either the Segway Fun Ride or the Guided Eco Adventure.

The former is an introductory ride that takes participants through the Gogreen circuit on a Segway Personal Transporter while the latter brings them out for a 30 minute exploration of either Palawan beach or Siloso beach.

Your child will be thrilled to ride the Segway Personal Transporter, though there is a minimum age of 10. You’ll be assured to know that riders below the age of 12 will be accompanied by a walking guide.

As father and child navigate the Gogreen circuit, they’ll manouver through a training ground fraught with obstacles of twists, turns and inclined slopes of various heights and gradients. There will surely be much to exclaim about after the ride—whether you narrowly avoided a pedestrian who crossed your path or marveled at the breathtaking scenery along the beachfront.

After this, fathers need have no fear of grumpy kids trooping through long distances to get to the beaches.

A two-wheeled self-balancing battery-powered electric vehicle which moves according to how the user shifts his or her weight, the Segway Personal Transporter is a cool and not to mention green way to explore the natural environment in style!

Segway Hub
Beach Station, Sentosa
Segway Fun Ride $12
Segway Guided Eco Adventure $38
To note: Minimum height requirement of 90cm and age requirement of 10 years and above

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