Playskool Busy Balls (Infants & Toddlers)

Every soccer star begins his journey with a mentor to guide him. As a dad, use this to introduce ball play to your infant or toddler and be your child’s best mentor!

This set of five multi-sensorial balls is great value for money. Slightly smaller than a tennis ball, each of the Busy Balls is the perfect size for infants to grasp. Your baby will love exploring them – with his hands and his mouth. Thankfully, the Busy Balls provide quality, non-toxic fun.

The balls come in a variety of colours, textures and sounds, no batteries required. This means no annoying flashing videos or squealing songs.

Roll them gently across the floor and watch your child try to chase them. Catch him with that determined glint in his eyes.

As he explores these balls, verbally describe the textures (rough, smooth, gritty), movements (roll, drop, throw), colours, and sounds (rumbly, tinkly). You have the chance to add a communication dimension to his play.

He’ll love the fascinating conversation and having you respond with him to the action. In fact, what he’ll love most about these toys is that they’re a great way to get Dad’s attention.

The Playskool Busy Balls are available at most toy stores for less than SGD20.00.


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