Mobile Apps for Dads – Dads for Life Toolbox

Create a Dads for Life Toolbox shortcut on your smart phone home page to get quick access to a whole lot of resources for dads and kids.

Grouped into 8 categories – nature, learning, fun, dining, recreation, projects, media and products – the Dads for Life Toolbox is a good resource for busy dads. There are many nifty ideas on what to do, where to go, what to buy for a father and family. Check out: Balloon Sculpturing,The Rock School, Champagne Brunch at One Ninety, Tanjong Piai National Park, shopping at AEON Bukit Indah mall in JB, toy reviews and many more …

To access it quickly on your smart phone, create a short cut on your phone’s home screen.

For iPhones, navigate to the website, select the sharing icon at the bottom menu bar and select “add to Home Screen”.

For Android phones, again navigate to the website and select “Add+”, then “Home screen”.

For smart phones on other operating systems, there should be similar options to create short cuts to websites on the home screen. Once the short cut has been added, you can move it around like any other application on your smart phone.

Check it frequently as there are fresh ideas every week. You can contribute by suggesting an interesting spot or activity too.

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