Clever Catch – Ice Breaker (Age 13 and above)

Have a ball of time communicating with your teenage child. With Clever Catch, you’ll be playing and sharing truths about each other that you’ve never thought of asking before.

It’s not unusual for your child to become less chatty as he grows. This is a good thing, considering how hard it was to find some quiet back when he was three.

But even as your child begins to clam up, you want to make extra effort to encourage him to open up. You want your child to know that you’re a confidante he can trust. If that sounds like a tall order, you may want to get the Clever Catch ball (SGD25.90 from to help.

It’s a conversation starter similar to the Knowing Me Knowing You card game, except that it includes ball play. The act of tossing and catching could elicit a smile, helping everyone relax and be more willing to joke and laugh.

It is easy to play as well. The person who catches the ball answers the question that’s printed under his right thumb, such as, “What is your earliest memory?”

Remember, even if you feel rejected when your child’s slams shut the door, don’t lash out in anger. Simply admit to him, “That hurts,” and leave it at that. You’ll help him become more aware of the consequences of his silence, and be more sensitive towards others.


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