Snap Circuits (Ages 8 and up)

Working on projects can help your child develop life skills. Snap Circuits provide 101 projects that your child can easily accomplish with your help.

Snap Circuits is a project system that can help your child develop life skills – she gets to plan, listen, co-operate and perform complex tasks. She’ll also enjoy the triumphant feeling when she turns the project into a success, and the reaps the pay off for all her hard work.

Ideally, you should try the projects with your child, for instance, building an electronic gadget.

Snap Circuits has specially designed circuit boards and electronic parts that are safe for children over 8 years of age. The parts can be snapped onto the boards without having to solder them on.

The Junior Edition provides everything you’ll need to build 101 projects. The set includes a colour-coded manual with simple instructions and 32 electrical components such as a DC Motor, LED bulbs, switches, fuses and strobes.

Get snapping with your child to build a lamp, two-speed fan, burglar alarm, police siren, flying saucer and more! It’s an intriguing yet safe way to discover how things work, and how to get things to work.

Who knows? You could be watching a budding inventor.

Get it from Weketoys Singapore:

  • Snap Circuits Junior (SGD64.90)
  • Snap Circuits Snaptricity (SGD69.90)
  • Snap Circuits SC-300 (SGD99.90)
  • Snap Circuits Green (SGD99.90)

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