The Tigger Movie 10th Anniversary Edition – Movies for Dads and Kids (Preschoolers)

Tigger is his usual over-the-top joyful, bouncy self when he suddenly discovers that he doesn’t have a real family. This makes him feel like a stranger amongst his friends, as if a piece of himself were missing.

He fantasizes about how great his real family members must be, and imagines that all of them look exactly like him. He longs for them, and sets out on an adventure to find them.

Tigger meets many obstacles along the way.

At the end of his search, Tigger concedes that his real family does not have to be his biological one. Rather, they can be the ones who love and accept him the most.

While this may sound like a rather heavy story, Tigger’s cheerfulness and the joyful tunes written by the Sherman Brothers of Mary Poppins’ fame, makes this a fun and light-hearted show that even little kids can understand.

It can pave the way for conversations on a child’s a sense of belonging, and what to do when they feel alone.

Dads watching this movie together with their families can take the opportunity to assure kids that they are just a phone call away should the little ones ever feel the need for a conversation buddy.

The video is available at the National Library.

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