A Simple “Yes” Means So Much!

Toolbox Idea by Woon Keng Wee

My Idea is about dads and kids playing and enjoying themselves together at birthday parties. (Mums and grandparents are welcome to join in too.) Hosting parties with games suitable for bonding really make a difference. The “first” step to participate in play must be taken to break the “awkward feel”. But, trust me, it is worthwhile!

Usually Mums will be the ones to go to these parties with our children (because dads just find such events … too boring). However, recently I attended one such event with my son which I think was just fantastic! My son and daughter made me play games with the other kids. I was the only dad around apart from the host. It was awkward at first, but well worth the effort. My son, still talks about this party after two months!

Dads and Kids will love this because of all the laughter and joy. My son said, “Thank you Papa for attending this party, it was really cool to play games with you!”.

Dads love it, coz we love our kids. Their joy and laughter are their best gifts to us. The experience is priceless.

Kids love it because playing games with them and their friends, make them feel safe and assured, as though you are part of their “clique”, and one of their buddies.


Categories: Fun, Indoors, Short, Snowball

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