Home-made Supermarket Sweep for Dads and Kids!

Toolbox Idea by Leo Seu Lin

My Idea is about creating a supermarket shopping competition between adults and kids.

Dad (a one man team) is pitted against a kids team (under the supervision of an older kid or adult). The grocery list is split into two and each team receives one section of the shopping list.

The objective of the game is to see which group can complete gathering the shopping items on their list first. The team that reaches the cashier line with the right items win. Winners can be given simple prizes like ice cream treats.

This game is educational as kids can learn to identify different foodstuffs and how products are grouped in a supermarket.

It makes for an overall positive experience for grocery shopping. Kids will be encouraged to be more involved in future supermarket shopping trips with the family and grocery shopping becomes a pleasant experience for both parents and kids.

Possible variations:
Dads can further the Supermarket Sweep game by shopping for contents to (a) Bake a cake or (b) Make a pizza. On their return home, dads and kids can spend more bonding time baking or cooking those recipes together.

It’s a full day of FUN and kids will feel a sense of achievement in completing so many tasks.

Dads and Kids will love this because everyone in the family can participate with minimal preparation. All you need is a grocery list that can be split into two.

Dads will love this as it ‘kills two birds with one stone’. He gets to complete an errand (grocery shopping), whilst spending fun and quality time with the kids.

Kids will love this because it makes a dreary chore fun and exciting. It is also a learning experience that can make kids feel valued because they are contributing to an important family activity.


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