Asia Society – A Learning Website for Kids

Here’s one with an Asian focus. Asia Society is a nonprofit educational organization promoting mutual understanding among peoples of Asia and the United States.

Go to the page with a list of cool websites for kids. Feel like a kid in a candy store? The websites are grouped into learning and activities, international collaboration tools and international news and information.

There are many good learning websites for your child. In the section on learning and activities, you will find Asia Society’s very own kids site.

Show them the multicultural heritage of Asia and fascinate them with the origins and evolution of languages. Check out the Chinese language puzzle where you have to match the Chinese pictograph (early form of Chinese script) to the meaning, while comparing with Hittite, Egyptian and Sumerian pictographs – you might be in for a surprise yourself. Likewise for the game “Onomatopoeia”, you and your child could know more Japanese than you thought.

Supplement this with stories from the website about the country and culture to help them appreciate the differences and similarities between people groups. This could spark off a lifelong interest in the humanities and their mother tongue.


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