3D Jigsaw Puzzles

There’s a new jigsaw puzzle system in town that allows you to build artistic structures in 3D, and it’s not much more difficult to complete than regular jigsaws. All that you need is a little co-operation and the ability to follow instructions.

Here’s how to do it: –

  • Piece together the normal pieces of jigsaws into a flat puzzle
  • Glue the completed flat puzzle to create a firm surface
  • Tear out the 3D jigsaws and fold them into shapes
  • Clip the folded pieces using the provided coloured clips to keep them in shape
  • Attach the 3D pieces onto the flat puzzle using the provided black clips
  • Proudly frame and display

The 3D Breakthrough Puzzles come in three levels of difficulty for ages 6 and above, ages 8 and above, and ages 12 and above.

However, we suspect that younger children will be able to complete even the more challenging ones with a little help from their Dads.

Working on jigsaw puzzles enables you and your child to use both your left-brain which thinks logically and follows sequence, and right brain which thinks creatively, intuitively and emotionally. So if you make this a hobby, you won’t need to send little junior for expensive brain training activities!

Get it at most departmental stores for SGD29.95.

Learn more through this video.


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