Cycling at Pulau Ubin

Toolbox Snowball Week 2
Winning Idea by Grandhi Dhanush Chandra Krishna Sai

My Idea is about cycling at Pulau Ubin. This not only helps family bonding but makes for good physical exercise as well.

Dads and Kids will love this because places like Pulau Ubin have lots to explore. Dads can use the environment there to explain to their children how natural reserves can be put to best use;  how these can be protected; the importance of trees; the culture and traditions of the villages, the hard village life; how village communities live and work …..

In addition, Palau Ubin is also a good tourist attraction and family picnic location. It is a unique place with potential for much family fun, laughter and educational exploration.


Categories: Full Day, High Impact, Low Budget, Off the Island, Picnic Spots, Snowball, Visits & Stays, Walks & Trails

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