The World’s Smallest Robot

Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy has created the world’s smallest robot that weighs a mere 12 grams.

Even though it’s only as big as your thumb, it’s crafted with the precision technology that Japanese manufacturers are famous for.

The design of the Robo-Q is perfectly compact. You can store and charge it on the remote control itself. Each charge enables the mini robot to walk for three minutes. The Robo-Q has sensors on its shoulders that detect obstacles.

Work with your child to build complicated mazes using toy building blocks or trinkets from around the house. Then, put the robot on “Auto” mode, and watch it solve the maze as it avoids the obstacles that you’ve put up.

Control the robot with a remote and get it to move light objects. If you get two robots, you and your child can challenge each other to a ball game. The winner is the one whose robot pushes the tiny ball into the goal post.

You can create the goal post yourself by standing two pencils on pads of playdough. It’s the perfect toy for quick and easy relaxation breaks after hours of mind-bending study or work.

For more, watch this:


Editor’s Note: Takara Tomy no longer offers this exact robot, but do check out similar offerings on Qoo10.


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