iScavenger Hunt – A Game for Dads with Bored Kids

Toolbox Idea by Tay Yong Hong

My Idea is about creating a game to play at home using handphone cameras. (Of course, this game can only be played with children who are old enough to use mobile phones responsibly.)

1. Use your child’s handphone to take 5 macro (very close up) pictures of different objects found in your home. See sample picture above. It is a part of a TV remote control.

2. Repeat this with all the handphones belonging to the children playing in the game.

3. Return the handphones and get the children to identify the objects in the pictures you have taken.

4. Clock the time taken, by each child, to identify all 5 objects in their respective phones.

5. The fastest one wins.

Dads can also get into the play! Just give your handphone to your children to do the same for you and try starting the scavenger hunt for all, at the same time.

Dads and Kids will love this because it is an ideal game to play when it is raining and your children start to get bored, whether at home, in the holiday chalet or hotel room.

This game can also be played outdoors, in the garden or in a park. The possibilities are limitless.

If your kids are older, increase the challenge by making the pictures as blurry as possible.


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