Car Washing Fun! – Serious Play for Dads and Kids

Toolbox Idea by Andy Lee

ribbonspecialmentionMy Idea is about bringing the kids along to wash the family car. The car might not necessarily end up cleaner, but the kids will definitely get wet and have fun along the way.

Dads and Kids will love this because kids love water, and I am lazy to wash the car. When we wash our car together, we get some exercise, sweat a bit, and have loads of fun and laughter washing and scrubbing. Imagine being allowed to get dirty, make a mess of the car-shampoo and splash water everywhere. No wonder my kids grin, every time I invite them to wash the car.

It does not matter that sometimes the car does not get cleaner because the process is more important than the end result.

We save money, get some healthy exercise and make merry together.

Dads, when the weather is hot, bring out the pails!


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