Legoland Malaysia

Toolbox Idea by Samuel Wong

My Idea is about having great family bonding time. If you have a day to spend  and are working on budget, take a drive to Legoland Malaysia for a quick getaway for  both the kids as well as the kid in you. 🙂

Buy the Legoland annual pass and you will  break even on ticket cost after only 2 trips. This is a place filled with fun things to do. I have been there 5 times since its opening and we have yet to try all the rides.

We are still enjoying our trips there. There is no need to rush through the rides because of the annual pass, and this gives us more time to appreciate the place while it is still new.

As for food, you can always take a 3 minute walk to the nearby Medini Mall for more reasonably priced meals that will help the family budget.

Dads and Kids will love this because there are many family centred play activities just a 10 minute drive away from Tuas Checkpoint.

With the annual pass, whenever time permits, we simply drive over and have a jolly great time!

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