Sand Art

Here’s a chance for your child to play with sand without having to head to the beach.

Sand art is a popular kids’ craft project that enables your child to create colourful images by pouring coloured sand onto a sticky surface. The created work can be used as a card for Mum, or simply framed and stuck on the fridge to be admired by all.

As the sand is very fine, be sure that you and your child work on the sand art piece together.

Teach him to be careful that the containers of sand don’t get tipped over, and that none of the sand gets rubbed into his eyes.

This is how the sand art works:

  • Peel off the outline of the sand art design
  • Sprinkle the darkest coloured sand onto the exposed sticky to create an outline
  • Pour the excess sand back into the container
  • Peel off a section and sprinkle the sand of your preferred colour for that area
  • Pour the excess sand back into the container
  • Repeat until all the sections have been filled with coloured sand

You can buy sand art kits at low prices from and through this site.

There are many designs to choose from, including kits with glow-in-the-dark sand. Prices are from SGD3.50 for a medium-sized kit to SGD10.90 for a sand art clock.


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