Froggy Boogie

Down by the pond, there’s a group of baby frogs who don’t want to take their naps.

All they want is to hop along the lily pads! But if their mums and dads were to catch them hopping about, they’ll be sent straight to bed. So, these little frogs must be careful to avoid their gaze.

In Froggy Boogie, each player gets to be a baby frog whose goal is to be the first to reach the last lily pad. At each player’s turn, roll the dice and find the parent frog whose colours match the colours of the dice. Then, pull open one of its eyes. (Before the game begins, each parent frog gets their eye sockets randomly slotted with one seeing eye and one blind eye.)

If the player has pulled up the blind eye, hurray, he gets to hop to the next pad! If, however, he pulls up the seeing eye, he’s sent back to the first pad! Play together and your children will not only improve their memory and colour recognition, they’ll learn from you how to win graciously, and cope with defeat.

Get it for SGD59.90 at this site.


Categories: At Home, Games & Toys, Indoors, Short

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