Off to the beach … Off to the beach …

Idea by Radhakrishnan Ganesan

My Idea is about bringing the family to the beach. Singapore is a small island and there is no lack of beaches here.  I strongly believe that beaches can never disappoint kids, dads or even moms, and it is budget friendly.

At the beach, we can encourage our kids to build sand castles with us. All we need are some sand castle tools,  simple cups and our hands. We can stroll along holding hands with our kids, collecting shells or run in the water shoreline or swim. There is also cycling, having picnic lunches, camping in tents, playing frisbee, jogging, the list goes on … limited only by our imagination. It’s a time to enjoy, appreciate nature as well as an opportunity to educate kids about the beauty all around, especially the marine life in the area like crabs, starfish, shells, the sand, waves and water.

A visit to beach can either be planned or unplanned. Just make sure, you bring them to different beaches and explore different activities each time so they don’t get bored. Make it a monthly event.

Safety is most important of all so always keep an eye on your kids, be with them and do not let them run off on their own.

Dads and Kids will love this because it is a time to use our imaginations. Building sandcastles look simple but just let your small one build one and see the magic. From a simple mountain to huge castles, they are budding architects in the making.

Building castles allow for chit chat and team work so we get to understand our kids better and they learn the importance of working together at a young age.

For slightly older kids, cycling or jogging is keeping fit and fun and at the same time.

Almost all beaches have playgrounds that kids will definitively love. But always be with them.

Encourage  them to preserve the shells they have collected when they get home so that they can continue to play with them or  create their own shell sculptures. My daughter has a shell collection she has glued together to make patterns and her own unique toys. Appreciate your kids for the smallest amount of creativity they show and you will see smiles on their faces.

I strongly believe kids will love these activities and learn that entertainment and enjoyment need not be about spending money.

Go to the beach dads. It is a place for children of all ages.

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