Darfur is Dying – Social Learning Website for Dads and Kids

Darfur is Dying is a game where players step into the shoes of Darfurian refugees hunted down by the Janjaweed. It can help kids and adults alike understand a little, what this might feel like; thus developing an appreciation for what some children in other parts of the world go through each day.

Given the mature nature of the subject, it is better that Dads play this game together with their children (preferably aged 10 and above). Be prepared for nail-biting moments as you run to get water, necessary for survival, while hiding from the marauding bands.

This game was conceived to raise global awareness for the Darfur genocide in Sudan. Rebels protesting against the Government’s harsh treatment of non-Arabs, started the violence which peaked in 2003 and 2004. It has resulted in the displacement of some 2.5 million refugees and numerous deaths. The situation in Darfur is still volatile today.

Though sombre, this subject provides a rare opportunity for Dads to talk about the importance of respecting human lives and the issue of social responsibility with their children.

Do check it out.

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