Cranium Hullabaloo – Games for Dads and Kids

Cranium+HullabalooCranium Hullabaloo is a high-energy action game that requires players to physically move around during play. It comes with a voice box and floor rubber patches in different shapes, colors and with different objects printed on.

To win, you have to be the last person on the right patch.

Your kids will not be able to stop playing once it is opened. The game is well designed and non-linear. Besides being fun, it is educational too as younger children are required to spot the correct objects on the floor patches. These include items like guitars, broccoli, monkey and the like.

Bring this game out when you have guests with kids and enjoy the crazy and wacky instructions strewn all over the voice box.

Your family will have a good time together. Cranium Hullabaloo is a fantastic family action game for kids aged four and above and it is available at Toys R’ Us.


Categories: At Home, Games & Toys, Indoors, Low Budget, Short

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