Balloon Sculpturing – Dog

Have an afternoon or morning free? Start twisting with your kids and have fun creating a family of dogs!

Encourage your children to start making up their own stories about the family of dogs you are putting together. Allow their imaginations to run free. Dad can help by asking the children questions to draw their stories out.

dogRecord the experience on your android phone if you have one.

Better yet, Share it with us on Dad for Life Facebook.

Take Away for Child: Daddy is creative!

Tools Required:

  • Pump
  • Twisting Balloons (Suggested brands: Sempertex or Qualatex)
    – Also known as 260 balloons
  • Permanent Marker
  • Scissors

Balloons Used:

  • One twisting balloon (a.k.a 260 balloon)

Balloon pumps and equipment may be purchased at any party shop. Here are some sites you can check out: Party with Us, The Party Stuff, A Party Factory


Categories: At Home, Games & Toys, Indoors, Low Budget, Short

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