Dr Seuss’s Sleep Book – Bedtime Reads for Dads and Kids

Dr Seuss’s Sleep Book celebrates the process of getting ready for bed and a good night’s rest. In fact, it gets you to fall in love with falling asleep. Look out for the page that says the book is written to be “read in bed.”

Thanks to Dr Seuss and his cronies, the creatures conjured are adorable and irresistible -not to mention fantastic and fantastical.

“The news
Just came in
From the County of Keck,
That a very small bug
By the name of Van Vleck,
Is yawning so wide
You can look down his neck.”

There many books in the splendid land of rhyme and rhythm that get children to count down (think Goodnight Moon), or at least ‘wind-down’ as they approach the blissful state of sleep.

The Sleep Book, a 1962 classic, does the same. It does not over-excite. Rather than tell the child to sleep, in its own unique way, it shows the child that others too, are slowing down for the night and, he wouldn’t want to be left out, would he?

Suitable for six-year-olds and all Seuss fans.

Story Gems for Child: Going to sleep is just part of the end of day. It’s not the end of play.

Story Gems for Dad: Some children ‘fight’ sleep, but it does not need to be a struggle. Make it fun instead for everyone!

Also available at the NLB in the form of a video recording.

Click for a sneak peek at Amazon.com


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