Creating Puzzle Hunts for Dads and Kids

W5 QueeIdea by Yeo Quee Hong

My Idea is about creating puzzle hunts to play during dad-kid outings.

Kids love the thrill of solving puzzles!  To perk up their interest in family excursions to museums, for example, create a home-made puzzle hunt to play along the way.

Ignite curiosity and interest by telling them that they are going on a puzzle hunt that will lead them to a final mystery destination with a special prize. Give them simple clues that will gradually lead them there, one stop at a time.

For our 6-year-old, dad planned for a trip to the Pompeii (Life in a Roman Town 79CE) Exhibition at the National Arts Museum. He started off with simple hand-drawn clues like:

  • “Where can you find boys bouncing balls on a court ?” (This led him from our house to the basketball court located close by.)
  • “Where does Daddy buy chicken rice?” (led him closer to the MRT station.)
  • “Choo Choo…then, choose South, NOT North” (led him to take the North bound MRT,  excitement building with each clue.)

New clues were given with each correct answer. Dads can provide more hints to younger kids who may need help; and additional challenges, such as a treasure hunt or coded-puzzles can be created for older kids.

At the final destination,  the last clue: “How did the people die in Pompeii ?” immersed our boy in the exhibit and encouraged him to look more deeply and carefully at the displays to understand its history.

Finally, he was rewarded with a memento of his choice from the museum’s shops for a job well done.

Dads and Kids will love this because working their way through the clues allows them spend quality time together, in addition to fostering team spirit.

Entertaining and educational, puzzle hunts can turn what may sometimes be a dreary learning experience into a fun-filled exploration. It encourages kids to be more aware of their surroundings and explore specific subject matter in a new way. Completing the puzzle hunts also give kids a sense of accomplishment.

Puzzle hunts can be customised according to need. For example, busy dads can play puzzle hunts with the kids at home, or at a garden nearby.

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