Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – Movies for Dads and Kids (Preteens)

College professor Parker Wilson finds an Akita at the train station. He feels sorry for the puppy and brings it home. His wife sees the dog and was adamant that they not keep it.

However, when no one comes forward to claim the dog after a few nights, Parker’s wife seeing how attached Parker was to the dog, now named Hachi, decided that they would adopt it.

Hachi and Parker grew so close that the dog would routinely send Parker off to the train station every morning for work, and wait at the same place every evening for his return.

One day, Parker suffers a heart attack and passes away.

Hachi, however, continued to wait for Parker’s return at the train station every evening, in spite of the Wilson’s family’s best attempts to bring Hachi home.

This continued for the next nine years.

You and your family will thoroughly enjoy this show. It can be a stepping stone to discuss what loyalty, love and courage is with kids; and how important and special it is to be loyal and dependable, especially to close friends and relatives.

You will remember Hachi’s story for years to come.

The video is available at the National Library.

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