Disney’s A Christmas Carol – Movies for Dads and Kids (Teens)

Jim Carrey is Ebenezer Scrooge, the rich but miserly money lender. He declines his happy nephew’s invitation to Christmas dinner, and spends the day complaining about the town’s joyful cheer.

Suddenly, four spirits visit him:

  • The spirit of his former business partner banished to roam the earth.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past who reminds him of events that shaped his life, and of a time when he was sweetly tender, soft-hearted and innocent.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present who shows the Christmas that others are enjoying at the moment, including his own clerk’s celebration with his young son. Scrooge discovers that his employee had been unable to afford medical treatments for his disabled son for want of a decent wage.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come who shows him that his future will be a bitter one unless he turns around.

These visitations touched Scrooge’s heart and changed him completely.

There are many conversation starters in this show. For a start, you can ask your kids:

  • If the show has a message for them?
  • What they think the right life priorities should be?
  • What their views are on the consequences of money and greed?

This video is available from the National Library.

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